Archi Language Packs

A language pack is a third-party add-on that consists of a number of plug-ins that are added to the Archi installation in order to use Archi on non-English localised computers. To install a language pack make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Archi. Then download the language pack and unzip the contents into the "plugins" folder of the Archi installation. Mac users will need to right-click on the Archi app and "Show Contents" to find the "plugins" folder in the app bundle.

Please note that in order for the language pack to work the target computer's operating system has to be set to the appropriate locale.

Please note that the support and maintenance of a language pack is the responsibility of the provider. If you have any query relating to the language pack please contact the provider.

Russian Language Pack provided by Anatoly Levenchuk