Creating a Build and Distribution


These instructions detail how to create a final distributable build of Archi. The instructions are based upon Windows so you will have to adapt paths and other OS-specific features if you are not using Windows. We provide builds for Windows, Mac and Linux. In order to create the builds, Eclipse needs to be installed with the Delta Pack. See here for instructions.

The plug-in that contains the build scripts is "". In the source folder there are basic instructions contained in the file, "build-notes.txt". We will elaborate on those instructions here.



Ensure that the build version number is correct for the MANIFEST.MF, *.plist and files for each plug-in. The format is 2.3.1.qualifier. It's easier to do a global search in Eclipse for the old version number and replace it with the new version number.

Any new features and fixes should be added to the "changes.txt" file. All help files and documents should be updated (see instructions in the "help authoring notes.txt" file in the "" plug-in.)


Exporting the Product file

The Product file ("archimate.product") contains the information needed to do a basic build of the product. However, this is not enough for a full final build as we will need to add additional files, and rename files and package everything into zip files.

  1. In Eclipse, open the "archimate.product" file found in the "" plug-in.
  2. In the "Overview" tab click on the "Eclipse Product export wizard" link:
  3. In the wizard, set the fields as follows:

    You may wish to set the Destination Directory to something else, but this will have to be set the same in the following stages.

  4. Click "Next" and on the next page select the following platforms:

    Click "Finish" and wait for the export wizard to create the output builds and folders in the Destination Directory. This will contain the following build sub-folders:



Run the Archi Make Installers Ant Script

Now that the basic export has been done we meed to run the Ant script "archimate-makeinstallers.xml" file. This will add additional files, rename certain files and archive the builds.

  1. In Eclipse, open the "archimate-makeinstallers.xml" file, found in the "" plug-in.
  2. Edit the "version" property value to be the same build version number used earlier.
  3. Edit the "jre.sourcedir" property location to reference the "jre6" folder used by the Windows Java installation on your Windows machine. This is a re-distributable 32-bit Windows Java JRE that is usually installed in "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6. If you are building on a non-Windows machine you can copy this from elsewhere. This will be the JRE that will be bundled with the Windows installer build.
  4. Ensure the "output.dir" property location is the same as the one used earlier in the Product Export stage. (Default is "\Archi").
  5. Run the "archimate-makeinstallers.xml" Ant file as an Ant Build in Eclipse.

By this stage you will have 4 archive files. There is one more needed and this is the Windows installer created by the NSIS Installer system.


Create the NSIS Windows Installer

You will need to ensure that you have installed the NSIS system and the NSIS Eclipse plug-in. You can download these here. Once these have been installed and set up you can proceed:

  1. In Eclipse, open the "windows_installer.nsi" file, found in the "" plug-in.
  2. Edit the "VERSION" value to the same build version number used earlier.
  3. In the main "EclipseNSIS" menu, choose "Compile Script".

Now there should be an exe installer in the output directory.